Company History

NESTS was incorporated in October 1979 by long-time New Britain (CT) High School track coach Irving Black and a small group of investors. The goal was simple: to end the disputes between coaches over the accuracy of hand timing and order of finish. Initially the company purchased an Omega Photosprint 2 photo finish camera, a Chronomix 737 chronograph, and a few race clocks. Within the first few years the inventory grew rapidly, eventually to 6 OPS cameras, several race clocks and scoreboards, miles of cable, and upwards of 6 crews working simultaneously around the region. NESTS acquired used equipment from the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, some of which we still use today. Over the years Irving traveled to Switzerland to meet with the representatives of Omega Electronics and Swiss Timing to observe the latest advances in timekeeping technology. Irving and crew worked at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games in several disciplines, mainly the athletics competition, where Irv was head judge, reading the photo finish images of some of the world's best athletes. NESTS has also worked under contract with Swiss Timing at other events including USATF and NCAA championships. Our society also serviced events worldwide, including the Millrose Games and Goodwill Games, just to name a few.

In late 1992 electronic line-scan cameras began to replace film, with the Omega Scan'O'Vision 1, of which we purchased two when they came out. The system recorded the images on SVHS PAL videotapes. Not to be confused with newer systems that are not fully automatic, the OSV1 reported times to the hundredth. In the mid '90s the modern Scan'O'Vision systems were introduced, working on desktop PCs and eventually laptops. Today we have 9 cameras and over a dozen computers, in addition to a cache of photocells, chronographs, scoreboards, and wind gauges. On 14th July 2010, Irv passed away at age 79. The company is now majority-owned and managed by Jeremy Renninghoff, who started working for Irv in 2002. It is the goal of our employees to continue the tradition of excellence in timekeeping that Irv and his crew began over 30 years ago. We have 8 technicians available with many more on standby, ready to service any kind of event from a simple dual meet up to high-level competitions with reverse-wind coverage and intensive data handling. We are at the service of sport and look forward to servicing your event.