About Us

NESTS works with Omega Electronics/Swiss Timing timekeeping equipment. We have an assortment of Omega Scan'O'Vision Hawkeye, OSV3 Color, and OSV STAR cameras. We also provide a fully automatic backup system using dual photocells and printing chronographs, something which "fly-by-night" timekeepers can't offer. For high-level competitions where close finishes are expected, we can provide a reverse-angle camera to judge competitors that are blocking each other.

In addition to our impressive timekeeping capabilities, we also offer an integrated data handling solution using Hy-Tek's Meet Manager for athletics and RunScore for cross country and road races. After your entries are collected using an online entry declaration service such as DirectAthletics or EZ Meet Services we seed the events, print performance lists and field event sheets, and post the start lists and performance lists to our web site. Also during the course of the meet we provide results in real-time; you can view the start lists and results from any web browser. Use your smartphone, tablet, or any device with an internet connection to follow along at the meet or from home!

We can provide additional services to enhance the quality of your event. With our scales and Track Master kits, we can certify field event implements (including hammers) to ensure fair competition. We have six anemometers plus a large LED display for recording wind readings for the track events and long jump/triple jump. Competitors and spectators can see the running time and results on our scoreboards. We also have the ability to interface with Daktronics Galaxy signs for multi-line, alphanumeric results display.