Fully Automatic Timing (Photo Finish)

Timing resolution 1/100 sec. Precision 1/1000 sec.

Utilizing the OMEGA Scan'O'Vision system in both color and black and white, NESTS offers its clients Olympic-caliber timekeeping at a reasonable cost.

Applicable Events: 

A reverse-angle camera can be used in high-level competitions for judging close finishes. Cameras can also be installed for reverse-direction sprints to take advantage of favorable wind conditions. These are redundant systems operating on separate computers and separate uninterruptible power supplies.


Fully Automatic Timing (Photocells)

Timing resolution 1/100 sec.

Utilizing a OMEGA OTR 7 printing chronograph with dual OEC 4 photo cells, it is possible to time arrivals automatically without the benefit of photo finish. This system is used as a back-up to our Scan'O'Vision system, enabling fully automatic backup timing.

Applicable Events: 

Manual Timing

Timing resolution full second.

Using a hand-operated start and manual impulse for arrivals.

Applicable Events:


Data Handling


NESTS uses Hy-Tek Meet Manager for the processing of seeding, results, and team scoring for athletics competitions. Up to 9 data handling terminals can be utilized simultaneously for rapid processing of results and administrative functions. We also offer live posting of results and seeding to our web site for select competitions. Entries are declared online using DirectAthletics, EZ Meet Services, and other online entry services.


Cross-Country/Road Race

RunScore Server/Client is utilized in these events. Terminals can be established for use by check-in personnel, announcer, and timekeeping. Entry declaration accepted via online services or Excel spreadsheets formatted for CSV output. Age groups, team/club scoring, division scoring, and almost any possible report generation can be realized.


Adjunct Services